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The RTC:  (800) 433-4740

Contacts there are Maribelle Bitler (billing) and Christina Giordano

Please help my login information is incorrect and I cannot get into the Lasalle/TCNJ portal (not course)--

copy/paste response:

Unfortunately, we do not have access to the login credentials and information given to you from RTC. Please contact the RTC office at (800) 433-4740 for further assistance. If you are trying to login to your actual course they are typically not available until 48 hours before the start date for the course. However, you should be able to login to the RTC site without any issues.


Teachers/Instructors do not have the student login information which they should have received form RTC.

Is the student trying to login for the first time?

Chances are, the course has not begun.  The RTC does not put in enrollments until 48 hours before the course is scheduled to begin. Until then, they can't login.

It also always possible that some teachers may not open the class until that day.

A student's USERNAME:  is first four letters of last name and last 4 didgits of ssn#.  A student's PASSWORD is their email address

copy/paste response: 

The information about virtual sessions (like zoom for the live course) comes from the instructor through an email. The information about text book/syllabus information comes from a link different then the Moodle link that you also were given. If you are trying to access the course it will not be open until the start date, therefore the link will not work until the specified date.

Does the student already have an account but their class is not showing in the dashboard?

Once again, check to see if that course has begun.  

It may also be possible that the student has an issue with their payment and will need to contact The RTC directly for more information.  (800) 433-4740