In order for students to post in a Q and A Forum for a Moodle course the teacher must first post in the forum (Q) so that the students can reply (A).

After logging into Morningside, in the top Right corner below your login name click on the Cog Icon, then click on  Turn editing on:

Locate the specific forum you are wanting students to be able to post in:

Click on the Edit button and then click on Edit Settings:

Then scroll down to check to see if the Forum type is Q and A Forum:

If it is then something will need to be posted  by the teacher first before the students can reply.

We can do this by clicking back in our browser and then clicking on the specific name of the forum:

Then click  Add a new question:

Then Enter a Subject and Message to look something like this:

Then click Post to forum. After this Students will be able to post in your course forum.