Alarm Severity:

non severe unless alarm lasts longer than 3(days)

Cause of Alarm:

Something is happening with Route 53

How to Fix:

contact AWS Support if alarm lasts longer than 3 days


When the Alarm comes from Routes 53, there is not much we can do about it.

 Route 53 is a service that aws provides, so this alarm means something is happening on their end of things. 

Note: These tend to happen on multiple instances at a time so there may be many Alarms going off but they will all say Low-HealthCheckStatus. 

It should be fine, however if we start hearing reports about the sites on those servers acting weird we will definitely want to contact AWS support:

The Alarm graph:

This alarm is basically an on off type switch, so from the graph we see that it wasn't in alarm until it dropped down

to the 0 line.