Alarm Severity:

This is a more serious alarm and will need to be dealt with ASAP.


Cause of Alarm:

Typically, this alarm happens when large amounts of data are being deleted on the site.

How to Fix:

typically we just need to cd into the trashdir and empty out the files inside of it. However, it may be caused by something else


1) Ssh into server

2) enter command sudo su

3) command: df - h (pay attention to the Use% for the /dev/xvda1). This should be below 80% to not be in alarm

4) command: du -d1 -h -x (this command will show us what is taken up the most disc space)

5) command: cd /var

6) command: cd moodledata  (directory name might be different such as moodledata_sandbox or totaradata depending on the site)

7) command: cd trashdir

always use caution when using the rm -r command, this is a client server and we don't want to erase the wrong files

8) command: rm -r * (this will remove all files within a folder, so make sure you are inside the the trashdir directory) 

9) command:  ls (this will allow us to see if everything was deleted if nothing is shown listed, in order to make sure the files have been erased)

10) command: df -h (the Use% for the /dev/xvda1 should have dropped down after the trashdir has been cleared)