Note : make sure text is normalized in google email so that text is uniform and same size and format if you are copying and pasting into a google email.

I have listed what is needed for ftp and sftp: we should be doing sftp because it's more secure.

Email subject:


Email Content:

Hi ****, I am pleased to let you know that your ftp has been set up for the following site:


In order to access your files you will need an ftp client (such as filezilla)
here are your login credentials that you will enter into the ftp client:
Host: IP_ADDRESS (for ftp), sftp://IP_ADDRESS for sftp
Username: www-data (or whatever name that we gave sftp user)
Password: I am sending your password through a security protocol (privnote) you can access you password by clicking on this link:*******
 (please be aware that the file be destroyed after you view it so be sure to store the actual password in private location)
Port: 21 for ftp, 22 for sftp

The SFTP link will be available until (one week from today's date)