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toward the end there is CSS information of how to overwrite in the themes and use google chrome inspect to find named elements. Remember that the element that is most specific will overwrite, so it's important to find the most specific name and use this as the identifier.


1.Discussed RDS Root level access VS individual user access

  1. How to reset RDS admin password if forgotten. 
  2. RDS password cannot be retrieved if forgotten. 
  1. Discussed MYSQL user permissions
    1. Required grants to satisfy Tia's data manipulation needs.
  2. Discussed domain configuration with
    1. removed from walled garden in GoDaddy (R)
    2. configured moodle to point to new url
      1. config.php update
      2. nginx website configuration update
    3. confirmed certbot certificate request/certification
    4. confirmed site availability
  3. Discussed SSL and CSR
    1. CSR - generated on the web server with a signed private key
      1. used to "request" a .CRT from GoDaddy.
    2. This is not relevant if using certbot to manage SSL certificates
    3. Introduced AWS Certificate Manager
  4. Discussed CSS formatting in Moodle
    1. How to override existing css elements using 'additional html' field.