Lock Down Respondus is a browser that students have to download to prevent cheating on quizzes.

What students have to do is click on the quiz and then download the browser.

There is a webcam check. Their webcam has to be working to continue.

I had someone who had a Lenovo computer who could not get the webcam to appear. 

Here are some of the steps we tried:

1.) Uninstalled the different Lockdown browser she had from a different university

2.) Reinstalled the latest version given in the link with the quiz. Do not do one from the internet. It would be from the wrong school. It has to be the link from the quiz of the school they are taking the course from.

3.) Restart the computer.

4.) Make sure any programs that would use the camera were turned off (i.e. dropbox, facebook, twitter, any instant messaging etc.)

5.) Temporarily disable any anti-virus programs 

6.) Found out Lenovo has a bug in their software for the camera. Trying the F4 or F8 keys may turn it on.

7.) Going to settings making sure camera is turned on, Respondus if listed is enabled as an app under Settings > Privacy > Webcam

8.) Finally we installed an external USB webcam instead of the internal camera. That worked. We had to link it to the correct camera in the webcam check for LockDown Respondus.

Here are some helpful articles I found: