Install Custom Cert Plugin from

After Plugin is installed 

go to plugins > custom cert > settings and edit it to show x and y positions. I found this to be the most reliable way of getting the certificate to look the same on multiple users devices.

Then in search bar in moodle site type “Custom Cert”

Then click on “Custom Certificate Settings”

Then  click on “Upload image”

Here you can upload the Certificate background nameofpic.png file into the site - don't use jpg if possible but instead use .png files For resolution of the files we want them to be around 1200px by 1200px. This should be more than enough for the certificates but if the client is complaining about the certificate not being clear then we will want to increase the pixel count. 

Don't Add the Certificate to the course but instead add the certificate to:

Site Admin > Plugins > Activity Modules > Custom Certificate> Custom Certificate Settings > Click the "Manage Templates".  Then click "Create Template"  (see screenshot)


The reason is then the certificate can be a template used in any course.

The above screenshot shows two existing templates being used by this client.

Click on the cog icon in order to edit an existing template;

Some settings that we want to be consistent are the size and height of a "full page certificate" are the height and the width

Make surethat the width is set to 279mm and the height is set to 216mm:

If you're needing text to be centered that is generated from user date (like users name) and want it to be centered. make sure that the Reference point (found inside of element editing) is set to Center:

Then Add the elements necessary to complete the certificate make sure to find out if the code element is necessary for the client or not

Also Note that the element on top will be in the back, so if you want to have a background image it needs to go on the top of the elements listed.

When Finding out what a certificate is going to look like for the end user I have found that the "View certificate" (green button found within the course where the certificate is located) is the best way to find out what the end user will see.

When Editing Cert in the Template - The course will not automatically update the template so if you change the template and want to view this change in a cert used in a course go to Edit Certificate and then Load template and then load (even if you are using the same template already):