Notes from another Totara Partner who has implemented Totara 13:

 think T13 is working out fine for us in general. Of course, it’s obvious that both Engage and Perform are newborn, and that there are some limitations in both the width and the depth in features (as well as features to connect those modules with Learn features). So far we’ve only got one ongoing implementation of Perform, and one of Engage though – and we hope that the most apparent feature gaps will be covered in 14/15.


Regarding Learn 13 in general our impressions are overall good.


Below are some top-of-mind comments related to T13 from my senior developer colleague Martin Sandberg.




  • Depending on what you want to do in themes there will be quite a learning curve
  • We would recommend to use Ventura when possible, or child themes of Ventura when further changes are needed


  • PHP Unit tests need some small tweaks as they will fail unless setup and teardown has :void after them (third party plugins also affected even if you only test your own plugins)
  • If you have custom plugins using functions in facetoface there will be a lot of rewriting of code as a lot of functions have been deprecated.
  • ReportBuilder sources need a little bit of extra code for the new reportbuilder catalogue


  • Make sure to set flavor as it defaults to learn_engage_perform